Why you need to self host your website if you want to be successful online…

When you are starting a blog or online business there is a lot to learn and you also need to spend some money. I understand the hesitation you might have about investing money in your online business. It freaked me out at the beginning too, not knowing if I even would be successful online.  So when I started I was drawn to the free stuff and even considered hosting for free as well. Thank God I didn’t and neither should you. Here is why:

I little over a year ago, I was just like you; a small blogger struggling to figure out how I was supposed to make money from my blog.

Well, when it comes to blogging I’m still small; except I now make money from my blog next to my online business. From affiliate marketing, to be more specific.

As some of my readers know, I am travelling through Europe with my family and my source of income is my online business. I cannot waist my time, because the three of us love this lifestyle and we are not planning to give it up anytime soon. So I have to make money online and I don’t want to spend hours and hours doing it. I want to enjoy the time with my family as much as I can.

So I decided that I have to do it right and I will use the best tools available. There is nothing wrong with blogging for free, but this is not what I wanted. I wanted to make money from blogging.

So I did what it takes to be successful at my online business. I invested in a hosting account and learned how to build and maintain my own blog, which is something that I could not have done with a free-hosted blog.

In the meantime I have built multiple blogs and my own online business where I help other online entrepreneurs to build their online business or blog.

There are several reasons why free hosting does not work if you want to make money online

First of all, WordPress.com (free hosting) makes it almost impossible for you to monetize your blog because of its many restrictions, like:

  • You do NOT own your content with a free-hosted blog
  • You will have an ugly URL with a free-hosted platform ( like www.yourblog.wordpress.com instead of www.yourblog.com)
  • You have to adhere to your host’s Terms and Conditions
  • You cannot use your blog as an affiliate blog. According to WordPress, an affiliate marketing blog is a blog whose primary purpose is to send traffic to affiliate sites, especially multilevel marketing sites (MLM) and get-rich-quick sites.
  • WordPress also prohibits paid content such PayPerPost and paid reviews like ReviewMe. Advertising is not permitted either, unless your blog receives lots of traffic and you agree to split ad revenue with WordPress, or if you upgrade to paid VIP hosting.”
  • When you host your own website, you can design it a whole lot better than a free blog. And yes, the appearance of your website matters if you want to convert your traffic into sales.

People do not buy from a blog that doesn’t look professional. That’s just the way it is.

Furthermore, I think it is a good thing to invest in your online business. It keeps you motivated more, if you have put in time and money. This certainly works for me, the more money I invest the harder I work to get things done. 

It makes you feel like “I invested money in it, that’s my business, I gotta make it work.” Working on a business instead of a hobby is a state of mind that you must acquire if you want to make money blogging.

There are 2 great ways to get self hosted. You can do it with me, where everything is taken care of for you. I claim your domain name for you, install WordPress for you and make your email addresses. It even comes with a cool Divi theme that you can use for free as long as you host your website with me. I have built my website in Divi too. It is easy to use and you can literally build anything you want with it. This hosting option will cost you € 15,- per month. Check out the full package here.

If you know how to get your own website up and running, you can host your website at Bluehost. You can get your hosting account for $3.95 per month. The domain name is free for the first year.  Click here to see there offer.

So if you are serious about building an income online, do yourself a favour and host your website professionally. It costs you a little and gives you everything you need to be successful online. 


Linda de Pagter

Linda de Pagter

Digital Nomad, Web designer

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