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Best WordPress theme

I used to build websites in all kinds of Wordpress themes, depending on the wishes of my customers. One day I was looking for a theme for my own website, because I wanted more features then my theme at that time could offer. This is when I bumped into the Divi...

Presenting a website

I believe the best thing about my work is presenting websites to their owners when the layout is ready. Up to now I have had only happy customers. I like to put a smile on people's faces as much as I can. Today when I presented a website, the owner was moved to tears....

Free pictures

A professional website needs professional pictures. You can not go around and copy pictures from other websites or through Google search. I once made a mistake with my search for pictures. In Google I chose free to use, share or modify, even commercially within...

Easy to use email marketing program

At the moment I am working on a website for a client that works in Multi Level Marketing. He is a great networker and will have a large team in no time for this new program. One of the things he wants to offer his team is a ready to roll website with features like...

Online photo editor

In the years I have become a little more cautious on what I put on my Macbook. My Macbook is my business so I need it to work good and fast. This is why I prefer to work with online tools, especially the heavy tools that need a lot of space and capacity. For my...

Use mockups on your website

When I am writing this post, I am in de middle of designing the website for Digital Nomads on Tour. Since my online business is all about building, designing and maintaining websites, I want it to look real sharp. When you want a website to look attractive to your...

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