Is your website mobile friendly?

Over a third of the worlds population now owns a mobile phone. And these owners use their phones regularly. Mobile phone usage has been growing steadily for years now. This means that your website will be viewed from mobile phones as well.

When I was building my own website, it gave me a few challenges to fix for mobile users. Thank goodness my theme has the option to be viewed in mobile mode as well so adjusting for mobile is easily done.

What size is yours?

So the first thing you have to address when you build the mobile version of your website is the size. For instance the size of your text. Are your headers readable and are they not cut of in a strange way?

Also keep in mind that people use their fingers to navigate your website on their phones. So what size do you use for the clickable items, like buttons and links?

And is everything resized to be viewed on a mobile phone? Yesterday I was looking at a website from a camping and i could not see the prices because half of the price list fell off. I easily click away and have a look at another site. I can imagine I am not the only one.


White space

When you build your mobile version of your website, you want to consider using a lot of white space. White space makes your website clear on mobile phones and it makes clickable items more visible. 



Besides the white space you want enough color on your website, especially for buttons. Make them easy to spot and easy to click on. 

Color and white space are needed for contrast. Remember that mobile phones are used everywhere, including outside in sunny weather.

The majority of website viewers will come from mobile devices. So make them feel welcome on your website by having a mobile friendly version.

Linda de Pagter

Linda de Pagter

Digital Nomad, Web designer

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