How Swipe files can help you with your online marketing

Have you ever encountered a writers block when you really needed inspiration to build a great text for your blog or business? You’ve been staring at your screen for hours, but nothing brilliant comes to mind. Your page stays empty and you feel extremely frustrated? Sounds familiar?

Well to me it sounds very familiar. Especially when it comes down to sales pages or advertisements. But a few days ago something funny happened. I was rebuilding one of my websites and I found a sales page that I never finished working on. It was still in my drafts folder. When I looked at it, I found it pretty amazing and I wondered what kind of drugs I had used to be able to come up with such a great content. So I decided to finish the text, publish it and save it for inspiration for another time.


So that is a swipe file?

Yes, by saving this file into a folder I created a swipe file. In simple terms, a swipe file is a digital or physical folder where you keep all the fantastic marketing ideas you’ve encountered over the years. This can be your own ideas or those of somebody else. And whenever you need to work on your marketing, you can use the ideas you collected. How awesome is that?

It is up to you how you save your ideas. I think it is a great idea to have multiple swipe files. You can creat a swipe file for amazing headlines, for amazing advertising content, for amazing quotes and for whatever you think you need for your blog or business.

The idea is to collect incredible concepts from other companies and promotional teams, so you can use them to motivate your work later.


so where do I find these incredible concepts?

Well that is what I wanted to talk to you about. When I was listening to a podcast about online marketing, I heard about this great website where you can find all this great content ideas. The website name is

If you go to the website, you see some great examples already. When you click on the magnifier on the top right of the website, you can type in anything you want to find. For instance: headlines.

The website now shows you some collections of great headlines. Isn’t it amazing?

Besides you can also use Pinterest to get some great ideas. More and more people are sharing some great content out there.

Visit those websites regularly and save all the great ideas you find. This way, whenever you have to write something again, you will not encounter the creative block.

Was this blog post of any help to you? I would like to hear from you.

Linda de Pagter

Linda de Pagter

Digital Nomad, Web designer

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