How outdated websites loose customers

To most entrepreneurs building a website is not the easiest part of running their business. And when it is ready, they don’t ever want to think about it again. They let out a sigh of relief, happy the website is done and they go on building their business.

In time the website becomes outdated and customers leave the website as fast as they came in. Why? Well think of it this way: What if you came into a restaurant where no cleaning was done. Dust everywhere and when you peak into the kitchen it looks greasy and it smells like something is rotten in there. Would you like to have dinner there? Probably not right?

The same goes for your website. When you don’t adjust it every now and then, it looses it’s spirit. Your spirit, you once put in there with your heart and soul.


Is my website outdated?

To determine if your website is outdated, you can do the following tests:

  1. Go to your website on your mobile phone and see how it looks.
  2. Is it easy to navigate through it on your phone?
  3. Is everything visible in a good way without zooming in?
  4. Read the pages of your website. Does it still say what your business is about?
  5. Is all the information on it still accurate?
  6. When was the last time you posted something on your website?
  7. Do you get customers from your website?
  8. When you look at your website, does it make you smile? Are you happy with it? Are you proud to show it to others?

If you answered No to 3 or more questions, your website needs serious attention. If you want your customers to take you seriously, you need a website with a soul. It is your business card and a huge part of your image. Treat it as such and let it move along with you in your business. Let it always 100% represent who you are and what you stand for.

What can I do?

So if your website is outdated, there are a few things you need to do instantly:

Think about how you want your website to look. If you can make a mood board of the look and feel you want it to have
Check the information and see what you would like to change. Then all the things you want different, start writing what it is you want on there and do it from the heart
Write down all the things that do not work anymore, like broken links and other technical stuff. Also write down the things you would like to have on your website, that are not yet on there.
The moment you have a clear vision of what you want your renovated website to look like, you have a decision to make: Will I make the adjustments myself or will I have it done for me? Whatever you decide, we can help you do it. We can teach you how to build your own dynamic website in a way you can easily maintain it whenever you want, so your website will never be outdated again. Or if you get frustrated the moment you think about building your own website, you can have us do it for you.

While you think about it, you can have a look at our free start-up guide, to help you prepare the make over of your website.

Let us know what you think. We’d love to hear from you.

Linda de Pagter

Linda de Pagter

Digital Nomad, Web designer

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