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Whether you need a completely new website or a redesign, we are more than happy to build your website for you.

We will make you shine online!






You are great at what you do and you love doing it. You have found your passion and you want to share it with the world. It takes the most of your time and the little time you have left, you want to spend on things other than work. This is why you don’t want to build your website yourself. Besides that you are not a techie. Your website needs to work simple & efficient

You are a perfectionist and you want your website to be as professional as you are, but you just don’t know where to start. You just want to tell someone what your business is about and let her create your dream website for you.

Do you want a professional website that perfectly matches your business?

Do you want it to be built fast by someone that takes the time to feel what you and your business are about?

Are you looking for someone that can build a great looking professional website for an affordable price?

Do you want to be able to make easy changes to your website without having to call your web builder every time you want to change something?

And do you want the hosting and technical stuff taken care off, so you only have to think about the great stuff you want to share with your audience?

We can do that for you


… having a cup of coffee while talking about your business and yourself. Your web builder listens to you with full attention and makes notes. Together you look at some sample pages for the look and feel of your website.

Together you write down which pages will be built. When you are done drinking coffee (or tea), your web builder will send you the steps you need to take and whenever you need assistance, she is there for you.

While you are collecting the content for your website, your web builder is making your design. When you get it, you immediately get a smile on your face. You did not expect it to be so beautiful.

When you have your content ready, your website will be ready super fast and you will shine online.


We make you shine online

How we work



Before we start working on your website, we want to know who you are and what you stand for. What is it that you want to represent with your company. What’s your message to the world.


To be able to build your website, we will need some input from you. Think of things as logo, pictures and text for your website. While you collect all that, we will prepare the technical environment for your website to be built on and make a design proposal.


When everything is set, we will build your website in the style we agreed upon. In this period of time, we will be chatting a lot through whatsapp or if you prefer by phone. When ready, we will walk you through it and if necessary we will make some final adjustments.


When your website is ready, we will teach you how to write a blog post, change or add a page, product or picture (in your gallery). We do this together, so you really get the hang of it. And to be sure you know, you can always look into the tutorials we will have available for you.

What we will do…


Domain name

Depending on your wishes, we can claim a domain name for you.

Full installation on our platform

Before we start to build your website we will make space on our servers for your website and we will install everything you need to run your WordPress website.

Free SSL Certificate

We will install a SSL certificate for you stating that your website is safe and secure to visit.

Free Premium Divi Theme

As long as you host with us, you can use the Divi theme worth € 227,- for free.

Free example designs

You get access to 100 layout designs to get inspired for your own website.

Free email addresses

Professional email addresses where your clients can reach you. You can link them to your local mailservice or you can get access to a webmailbox or both.

Design and building


We will make a design based on what you told us about yourself, your business and your wishes

User friendly layout

You want your visitors to instantly find what they came for. We will make a layout that matches these needs


We will place the text, pictures and other content you delivered on your website


We will put your logo on your website

Cookie consent

To follow regulation, we will place a cookie consent banner on your website

Email marketing

If you have an email marketing provider, we will connect your website to it. If not we can help you get one to connect your website to.

Extra services

Since we also offer extra services, we can discuss all your website wishes for the future


The basic how to's

Learn how to make adjustments to your website fast and easy.

Blog posts

Learn how to maintain a blog to get more organic traffic to your website.

Online support

Access to our online support channel, to guide you in all the changes you want to make in the future.

Happy Clients

My website is wearing a ball gown after Linda worked on it 🙂 I am getting compliments all the time. It looks smooth and it is very clear. I am really proud of it.

Especially cool is the feature that I get an instant message when people sign up for one of my lessons. Awesome! Thank you Linda!

Sandra Molina Mesas

Zumba Meppel, Steenwijk e.o.

Thanks to the angels of DNT I have an amazing cool website that I can change the way I want to. Really anything is possible with their website packs. This is for everyone who needs a website. You only pay a small monthly fee. For me as a picture thinker, this is heaven. I can adjust and change anything I want whenever I want and that is great while my services change in this new time. What a joy!

Desiree Groen

Hand & Ziel

I was considering to have a website to help people transform their lives. Then Linda fel out of the sky right next to me and we talked about my website. She sensed exactly what I needed and translated it into a website that really represents me.

Sabine Schleich

Create Life Transformation

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