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A professional website needs professional pictures. You can not go around and copy pictures from other websites or through Google search. I once made a mistake with my search for pictures. In Google I chose free to use, share or modify, even commercially within Advanced search. When I clicked a photo, I saw another one in the suggestions. I chose that one. Unfortunately this was not a free to use picture. I ended up paying 400 dollars for a picture of an avocado!!

So I am extremely cautious when it comes to using pictures on my websites. Preferably I use my own, but it also occurs that I need to find some pictures online.

Thankfully there are some wonderful websites that offer free pictures. So when you needs some nice professional pictures and you don’t have the budget to buy some, check out these websites:

When you use a lot of their photo’s, buy them a coffee every now and then. This will keep them up and running 😉

Good luck building your website. If you need help, check out our programs.

Linda de Pagter

Linda de Pagter

Digital Nomad, Web designer

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